Unlucky MU fan, just spend money to see Ronaldo… absent

07 Apr 2022 | 12:15

A MU fan met an unlucky number like when he spent money to buy tickets to see Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar… was absent.

Chris Broome, 43, and his son Zac, 12, bought tickets to three different matches in the hope of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo score alongside his famous ‘SIIIIIUUUUU’. 

Unfortunately, all 3 times, Ronaldo was not named in the squad !

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Father and son came 3 times to see Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar was absent.

This man, born in the South West of England, spent more than 3,000 pounds in total, covering nearly 3,500 km , but the results were extremely disappointing. 

Specifically, in 2020, Chris Broome and his son went to see Ronaldo play for Juventus, but in the end the striker was given a break in that match.

Recently, the father and son decided to watch Ronaldo for good, booked tickets for the Manchester derby at Etihad (taken last month). 

However, CR7 is confusingly absent, which coach Ralf Rangnick said is a hip flexor injury. As for the British media, Ronaldo left for Portugal when he learned he was excluded from the starting lineup of MU.

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Ronaldo scored 18 goals in 32 matches for MU this season, but he did not help the team much with the risk of missing the top 4 in the Premier League.

By the last time, fortunately had a free ticket to watch the match MU vs Leicester City on April 2, but fate was tantalizing, Ronaldo continued to be absent from the draw (1-1) like the loss of the Red Devils. 

Ronaldo had just won 2 matches for Portugal before, was told by Rangnick that he could not attend because of signs of a cold!

Spending money but can’t watch Ronaldo every time, but this loving father declares to The Sun that he will not give up:

“Even though it cost me money, I promised Zac that I would take him to see Ronaldo play. So I’ll do it to the best of my ability.”

Source: VietNamNet
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