UCLA’s Chip Kelly Talks to TikTok and Thompson-Robinson

24 Apr 2022 | 08:08

LOS ANGELES – Just starting the 8-4 season that got him a contract extension through 2025, UCLA soccer head coach Chip Kelly used a TikTok reference on Thursday to explain why the move Last year’s efforts may not necessarily carry over to next season.

“We’re in a society now where it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday,” Kelly said in her first media appearance of spring practice. . “So it’s about coming here consistently every day, understanding and embracing the process and really just having a great Thursday. We think like TikTokers, so we have a 10 second brain mentality.”

For a while during the season, Kelly’s future with the Bruins family was uncertain. He is said to have been considered for the vacant job in Oregon as he approaches what will be a bad year at UCLA.

Now armed with a vote of confidence from fellow UCLA fellow in the form of an additional four years of guarantee, along with the return of two of his arguably most important stars in the quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson and 1,000-yard runner Zach Charbonnet, Kelly enters the 2022 season with expectations as high as they have been since he took over the program four years ago.

Just don’t ask him to expand on them yet.

“We’re not even talking about expectations,” Kelly said. “We are talking about Thursday. We are short-term thinkers. Again, we are in the TikTok world. We are concerned about today. “

The 58-year-old also appeared nonchalant when asked about whether a contract extension was a sign of authenticity. The 2021 season is Kelly’s first winning season at Westwood.

“I see it when I come to work every day and my day hasn’t changed since I’ve been here,” Kelly said. “I came here to do my best to be a part of this great school in this wonderful community and I am so happy to be here.”

But at least one of Kelly’s veterans sees last season’s success as the new standard.

“It’s the standard by which we treat ourselves as players and it’s something the coaches talk about all the time,” said Bruins attacking manager Duke Clemens. “Now we can say (8-4 is) going to be the worst season we’ve had. Because this year is coming, we will be better. That is the new standard. Anything below that, that’s not what we want. ”

Kelly will have to work with some new faces in key positions, but the return of veteran Thompson-Robinson to the center solves a lot of potential problems.

“The experience factor is something you can’t teach,” says Kelly. “Having a midfielder, really a leader, with experience coming back in the fifth year is a really good motivator for us.”

Kelly actually encouraged Thompson-Robinson to announce his entry into the NFL draft, advising him that the upcoming draft isn’t overwhelming at quarterback. Kelly said Thompson-Robinson has likely been selected and has a good chance of being an NFL team this year.

“We want him back,” Kelly said. “We want him back in the worst way. But I couldn’t tell him for our selfish reasons, “We need you back and you shouldn’t go.”

Thompson-Robinson decided to stay, temporarily giving up on their NFL dreams for another year under Kelly and getting the chance to maintain consecutive seasons for the first time in their UCLA careers.