UCLA WR transfer Jake Bobo set to make an immediate impact

14 May 2022 | 08:54

LOS ANGELES – During UCLA’s spring rollout last Saturday, coach Chip Kelly put on a headset live on the Pac-12 Network and made it clear: Don’t be surprised if Jake Bobo tops the rankings. his wide receiver worm in the fall.

Bobo, who moved to UCLA after four years at Duke, has coaches passionate about spring practice and is in good pace to become one of Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s targets on the outside.

“Jake was brilliant,” Kelly said. “He can make controversial catches. He’s a huge, powerful and physical target. He’s smart, he’s smart. I know Dorian and all of our midfielders are really happy that they can look wide and see the number nine there.”

Bobo enjoyed a career year last season at Duke with 74 hits for 794 yards, ranking ninth in the ACC. UCLA hopes the Bobo can serve as a trusted third choice, a safety valve.

And Bobo believes knowing what he’s good at has earned him instant credibility among teammates and coaches. He knows he won’t be blown away by defenders. But standing 6 feet-5 and weighing 215 pounds, which Bobo lacks in speed, he makes up for in size and toughness.

Bobo said: “I am proud to be a big, agile guy. “Thankfully, I can take on that role here. I think that’s what this team needed and I’m grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to fill that role. ”

Bobo is one of two skilled UCLA receivers from the transfer window, with Titus Mokiao-Atimalala from UCF also arriving and making an immediate impression on the coaching staff.

Coach Jerry Neuheisel Jr of the wide team said that Bobo and Mokiao-Atimalala are not only talented but are “great people”.

“Honestly, to be able to get Jake after his career at Duke, I think we were really lucky,” said Neuheisel Jr. speak. “We stole that one.

“But how much they added in the room in terms of culture, in terms of work ethic, things like that – we’re really lucky to have them. I think they added to what would become a really good group. ”

Bobo says that while both Kelly and Duke coach David Cutcliffe are “offensive magicians,” some of the schemes at UCLA are more complicated. He also plans to learn the plan to run as a receiver, which he didn’t do at Duke.

Thompson-Robinson has “welcomed me and shown me love since day one,” says Bobo, and he hopes to gradually develop his relationship with the fifth-year defender.

“You talk about some quarterback duos – whether it’s professional or in college sports – that have an off-field relationship there and that comes with time,” Bobo said. . “So that’s what we’re going to do this summer and the rest of this spring and into the fall.”

It helps Bobo to have a familiar face join him on his cross-country travels. For sure, coach Jeff Faris also arrived from Duke this season after coaching Bobo for four years.

Faris said: “He is a real kid, very tough and loves football. “No matter what room you put him in, he will make the room more difficult. And he’s a guy you can count on Tuesday to do plays. “

Bobo said he also sought advice from former UCLA executive Brittain Brown, who moved from Duke in 2020 and had two strong seasons with the Bruins. Bobo said Brown played a big role in showing him around during his official visit to UCLA.