UCLA Coach Chip Kelly Is Trying To Build The Grounds For Fall

16 Apr 2022 | 15:48

LOS ANGELES – Chip Kelly’s message to anyone trying to draw conclusions about the depth chart or UCLA team rotation in the first few weeks of the spring game is simple: Don’t.

Asked on Monday about a particularly interesting defensive group last week that included Gabriel Murphy, Grayson Murphy and Carl Jones, Kelly said the goal of spring training is simply to maximize time. everyone on the field.

Kelly said: “I wouldn’t read anything in practice four of the spring ball that this is a spin. “They’re just trying to get everyone represented, as much as possible.”

Kelly, entering her fifth season with UCLA, emphasizes that there’s no such thing as a “one, two, or three” depth chart during the spring.

“As we start to get closer to the games – when you get to the fall and you get to the season – then you really start to look at spins and repeats,” Kelly said. “But for now, we’re just trying to get as much rep for our boys as possible, so we have the set to train.”

Kelly and his coaching staff will ultimately have to make a decision as to who moves into different vacant starting roles on both offense and defense due to a transfer or the departure of the NFL Draft. But for now, he hasn’t held any meetings about what the rotation for next season will look like. The goal for each workout is to make sure the group goes through about 120 repetitions or so per session.

Several recipients suffered minor injuries that kept them out of practice Saturday, and their scores were filled with tangled cords.

“Now those guys are back, so it’s not a big deal,” Kelly said. “I’m not going to read anything about those spins.”

For Kelly, spring football is not about setting up a playbook specifically for the game but about communicating the fundamentals.