Thierry Henry shows how to help Chelsea revive Lukaku

23 Feb 2022 | 06:15

 The Belgian striker has completely failed to meet the expectations set by the Stamford Bridge team.

Tuchel talks about why Lukaku is on the bench 

According to the legendary Thierry Henry, from the beginning, Chelsea should have carefully considered the Romelu Lukaku deal. Talking to CBS, the former Arsenal striker shared:

“From the very beginning, I asked myself, is Lukaku right for this team?”

“As a coach, when you sign Lukaku, you either have to adapt him to your style of play, or you change your style to suit him. I don’t think that it will happen.”



 Lukaku is disappointing.

“For Lukaku to adapt to Chelsea’s style of play, it takes time, it’s not easy.”

“Is it normal for him to have only seven touches [against Crystal Palace]? No, that’s not normal, whether the coach likes you or not. It shouldn’t happen either.”

“Honestly, I don’t know how that happened in 90 minutes. But what’s the solution? To find a way to make sure Lukaku can adapt to their way of playing.”

“They like to press, be dynamic and change the position of three players in attack. Lukaku likes to play in the middle, so it is difficult to adapt to the situation. But again, why did you sign him? “