The end for Man Utd

16 Mar 2022 | 06:43

  The defeat against Atletico Madrid made Manchester United almost no chance to participate in the Champions League next season.

A training session of Man Utd

There are no more excuses for the Reds’ loss. Before an experienced team in the Champions League, coach Ralf Rangnick’s teachers and students showed faintness. They launched 11 shots, 5 times put the ball on target but no goals.

On the defensive front, Man Utd conceded 1 goal and was officially eliminated from the Champions League. Man Utd lost to Atletico Madrid with a total score of 1-2 after 2 matches. The result is also considered to put an end to Man Utd this season.
The end for Man Utd - Football

 Failure for Ronaldo and teammates.

Man Utd hết cơ hội làm nên chuyện ở Champions League và đang gặp bất lợi trong cuộc đua Top 4 tại Premier League. Kém Arseal 1 điểm và đã thi đấu nhiều hơn đối thủ tới 3 trận, đội chủ sân Old Trafford không còn nắm quyền tự quyết.

Đây là một sự thất vọng rất lớn. Man Utd không cho thấy sự ổn định và bản lĩnh của một đội bóng hàng đầu. HLV Ralf Rangnick lên thay thế Ole Gunnar Solskjaer nhưng tình hình không mấy cải thiện.

Mùa trước, Man Utd kết thúc Premier League ở vị trí thứ 2 chung cuộc. HLV Solskjaer nhanh chóng nhận được sự ủng hộ từ giới chủ. Theo đó, Man Utd thực hiện 3 thương vụ chất lượng gồm Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane và Jadon Sancho.

With that significant upgrade, Man Utd is predicted to be able to compete for the Premier League title. However, things progressed in an unexpected way. Solskjaer lost his job and Man Utd risked being absent from next season’s Champions League.
The end for Man Utd - Football

 Man Utd is a big disappointment.

With the current form, no one is sure that Man Utd will finish the Premier League in a position in the Top 4. When morale is very low after the defeat, do not expect Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates to come back strong. strong in the coming rounds.

Victory over Tottenham cannot erase Man Utd’s shortcomings in defence. And in front of them were Leicester City, Liverpool and Arsenal. Everything is more blurred than ever.

There isn’t any hope for the rest of the season. It is very difficult for Man Utd to surpass Arsenal. At that time, they were definitely outside the Top 4 and did not have a place in the Champions League.

This is a big shock for Ronaldo personally. He returned to Old Trafford to conquer the title. But poor teammates made CR7 go through a dark end of his career.