Recruiting Vietnam: Mr. Park is subjective, it’s difficult to get married

18 Mar 2022 | 10:54

Coach Park Hang Seo is facing many challenges with the Vietnamese team. And for this to happen is also because he is subjective…

1. A few days after the Vietnamese team gathered to prepare for the remaining 2 matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Coach Park Hang Seo is facing a series of personnel challenges.

As expected, the Vietnamese team could not have the best frame for the matches against Oman and Japan because of injuries and the Covid-19 epidemic.

Up to the present time, the Korean captain has not been able to have enough people to attend the training sessions as planned when the latest Hong Duy, Van Nam, and goalkeeper Van Hoang had to be isolated because of Covid-19 positive.

With what is going on, all the personnel problems in the Vietnamese team are likely to have not stopped, causing Coach Park Hang Seo to have a real headache.

Vietnam team: Teacher Park is subjective, it's difficult for a husband - Football

Recruiting Vietnam is in big trouble in terms of personnel…   

2. In fact, the fact that the V-League took place too few rounds before stopping for the Vietnamese team to focus, and at the same time the clubs had not built momentum with the previous long break, making it really difficult for Coach Park Hang Seo. difficulty in finding troops for the home team.

In that situation, it is not surprising that the captain of the Vietnamese team still summons many familiar players. However, the biggest surprise is that Coach Park Hang Seo seems to be quite subjective in this gathering.

Compared to the previous gatherings, the list of Korean teachers given is actually quite rare, when only calling 28 players (including up to 4 goalkeepers) for 2 confrontations with Oman and Japan.

The decision to summon a sufficient number of players for the next 2 matches in the context of epidemics, injuries… is clearly unreasonable, so this bit of subjectivity is causing coach Park Hang Seo to struggle when there are nearly a dozen games. Name problem.

3. Losing too many players for the next 2 matches naturally makes Coach Park Hang Seo difficult. But in return, it is also an opportunity for the Korean captain to renew the Vietnamese team.

Vietnam team: Teacher Park is subjective, it's difficult for a husband - Football

… because of unreasonable calculations from Coach Park Hang Seo. 

For many people, the next matches are just procedures after the home team completes the goal after the victory over China. But with coach Park Hang Seo it is different, it seems that the teacher of the Vietnamese team still wants to win, at least in the confrontation with Oman.

But now things are different, Coach Park Hang Seo is also facing challenges from his subjectivity, so it is possible that the goal must be changed to better suit the new situation.

That means the Vietnamese team will completely test in the next 2 matches about people, tactics… and ignore the story of achievements and results. So that’s it, because the home team is not full of strength anyway, there’s no need to be too heavy on achievements.