Real Madrid win the first title of this season

17 Jan 2022 | 07:11

Two goals from Luka Modric and Karim Benzema helped Real Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao 2-0 in the final of the Spanish Super Cup on the morning of January 17 (Hanoi time).

Modric’s save in the 16.5 m area in the 38th minute helped Real Madrid break the deadlock. In the 52nd minute, Karik Benzema showed his class when he faced goalkeeper Unai Simon on the 11-meter mark and scored to make it 2-0 for “Los Blancos”.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti’s teachers and students defeated Barcelona and Bilbao respectively to win the 12th Spanish Super Cup. “Los Blancos” is only one title away from Barca in terms of the number of victories in the history of the Spanish Super Cup (13 times). ).

Modric helped Real Madrid break the deadlock against Bilbao. Photo: Reuters.

Modric helped Real Madrid break the deadlock against Bilbao. Photo: Reuters.

Real Madrid continues to show cold football against Bilbao. They held the ball 58% in this match and played slowly. Each acceleration situation of coach Ancelotti’s teachers and students mostly surprised the opponent.

The number of shots of Real Madrid (13 times) is less than Bilbao (14 times). But the representative of the capital performed more effectively with 4 situations on target, while Bilbao only had 2 shots to go with the standard “gauge”.

Real Madrid was good, backed by the element of luck. In the last minutes, centre-back Eder Militao received a red card directly, and also caused Ancelotti’s team to be penalized for a handball situation.

The Bilbao player stepped up to the 11-meter mark to hold onto the fragile hope for the home team. Thibaut Courtois misjudged the direction of the shot, but the Belgian goalkeeper’s foot helped the home team escape the goal. That was the final mark in the final of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Benzema scored a goal to defeat Bilbao's will. Photo: Reuter

Benzema scored a goal to defeat Bilbao’s will. Photo: Reuter

Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s opening goal was a standard arrangement from Rodrygo and Modric after a quick attack, with few touches of the “Los Blancos” quality this season. From the right, Rodrygo dribbles to attract 2 Bilbao players. Modric suddenly penetrated from the second line, then successfully cut the heart at a distance of his forte.

Marca commented that Bilbao arranged the defensive distance quite closely from the beginning of the game. Before Modric scored, the Basque team had a rare time to push up the squad and organize an unsuccessful attack. Immediately afterwards, when Real Madrid attacked quickly, the distance of Bilbao’s formation was disordered, leading to a disturbance in the defensive position when Rodrygo and Modric coordinated.

With the second goal, Benzema brought the ball to the hand of a Bilbao player in the penalty area. The referee did not keep up with the live ball, but reviewed the VAR and determined to blow the penalty for Real Madrid.

Benzema has a strong shot into the left corner. Goalkeeper Simon guessed in the right direction, but the fall was not in time to save. Benzema’s goal dealt a heavy blow to Bilbao’s spirit, leading to the Basque side’s sloppy game for the last 40 minutes.

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