NFL Draft: Which UCLA Players Can Be Picked and When

30 Apr 2022 | 08:02

Here’s a look at the possible UCLA players for the next few days at the NFL draft:

Greg Dulcich

Position: Tight ending

Five: Redshirt Junior

Size: 6 feet-4, 243 pounds

Round can: 2-3

What are they saying: “Greg Dulcich was a late riser during the 2022 NFL draft prep, and it’s easy to see why once you throw in his ice from the 2021 season at UCLA. Most draft analysts have Trey McBride as their TE1 in this class, but for me, that honor goes to Dulcich because from what I’ve seen evaluating him, he has many characteristics. points are easier to translate in the next level. ” – CBS Sports ‘Dan Schneier

Sean Rhyan

Position: Attack

Five: Children

Size: 6 feet-5, 321 pounds

Round can: 2-3

What are they saying: “Strong and athletic, Rhyan is at his best as a driver in the running game but has also proven he can hold onto his pass defending at the edge. He has the lower body strength to win the hit point in the running game, and his hands are exceptionally strong. He plays with an attitude that wants to crush his opponents, and he has the ability to do that. He also has the mobility to get out and play in the open when needed.” – Sports Athlon

Kyle Philips

Position: Wide receiver

Five: Redshirt Junior

Size: 5 feet-11, 198 pounds

Round can: 3-5

What are they saying: “Overall, Philips can contribute quickly as a returner and as an insider-only option. His short size and length put a ceiling on his ability to win on the outside. But being able to win with quickness instead of overwhelming speed and moving the chain as an option below gives him the advantage of a class 3 weapon in a good attack, as long as Teams have other valid options for playing outside. ” – Nate Tice, Bleacher Report

Otito Ogbonnia

Position: Defensive settlement

Size: 6 foot-4, 324 pounds

Round can: 4-6

What are they saying: “Ogbonnia will flash like a technical or slanted nose but lacks the cushioning and handbrake to keep it down as a 3-4 nose. He has a very fast average pace and is not an unfit defender. He’s not a threat that overtakes the NFL. He had tense moments at the Senior Bowl and had a hit that looked like a backup 4-3 but can offer placement flexibility for teams running on different fronts. ” – Lance Zierlein,

Lake Quentin

Position: Safety

Size: 6 feet-1, 201 pounds

Round can: 6-7

What are they saying: “Overall, Lake’s middling physics engines and triggers will limit his cap in the NFL and how he will be drafted. Regardless, his strength, technique, dribbling skills and vision in exceptional teams should guarantee him a spot on the roster and perhaps an option on Day 3.” – James Fragoza, Professional Football Network

Alec Anderson

Position: Attack

Size: 6 feet-5, 305 pounds

Round can: 7th agent or free

What are they saying: “Anderson has the tools to manage distance at a high level. In pass protection, the sports builder tries to make contact when he has no one else. Finally, Anderson has experience in protection and handling and could very well kick the inside to the next level. ” – Cory McCann Ezring, NFL Manuscript Bible

Knight Qwuantrezz

Position: Safety

Size: 6 feet-0, 199 pounds

Round can: 7th agent or free

What are they saying: “Instinct is good, especially in the box. Sound processor and sure. There are good angles to pursue. ” –

Paul Grattan Jr.

Position: Attack Protection

Size: 6 feet-4, 300 pounds

Round can: 7th agent or free

What are they saying: “Veteran left guard with experience in the center. Grattan demonstrates average quickness out of pose when pulling. Hands wide for the ball carrier to execute him right in the running game. ” – Lorenz Leinweber, NFL Bible Manuscript