Neville praises Thomas Tuchel’s response to Roman Abramovich

06 Mar 2022 | 12:16

 Gary Neville praised Thomas Tuchel after the Chelsea manager stated his displeasure at fans chanting Roman Abramovich’s name.

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Chelsea fans chanted Roman Abramovich’s name during the match against Burnley to show their gratitude to him as the Russian billionaire was forced to put the club up for sale. Burnley fans booed the guests, because at that time the stadium was spending time showing support for Ukraine.

After the game, Tuchel faced questions about that chant. He replied: “This is not the time to do this. Listen, we need to show solidarity and we should do it together.”

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 Tuchel is outspoken in his support for Ukraine.

“This is not the time to give other messages. It is the time to show respect. At this moment, we do it for Ukraine and have no other opinion on the situation there. This is not the time for other messages.”

Tuchel’s strong statement was echoed when both Neville and Gary Lineker took to Twitter to support him. “He’s a nice Tuchel,” wrote Neville , adding: ” Absolutely right.”

Chelsea’s win widens the gap between them and bottom rival Manchester United to six points, with the Red Devils having played one more game. They have a pretty solid position in the top 4 but consider it a chance in the championship track.