MU must seize the opportunity with coach Tuchel

11 Mar 2022 | 10:39

Coach Thomas Tuchel can become Manchester United’s savior after years of disappointing this club because of its weakness on the bench.

In a commentary for the Telegraph, former England international Jamie Carragher believes now is the best time for Manchester United to convince Tuchel. Instead of looking for other options, the “Red Devils” can return to the race to compete for the Premier League title quickly, if they recruit the German strategist.
MU must seize the opportunity with coach Tuchel - Football

 Coach Thomas Tuchel faced an uncertain future after billionaire Roman Abramovich was punished by the British authorities. Photo: Clutch Points.

A worthy opponent of Guardiola and Klopp

Coach Tuchel had an excellent year when he won the Champions League and achieved success with Chelsea. These achievements prove that Tuchel is the only coach in England at the moment who can challenge Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

The current difficulty with Chelsea gives Man United the ideal opportunity to recruit this military leader. Tuchel should have been the number one target of the “Red Devils” for many years.

Since coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was fired by MU, almost every sign shows that the “Red Devils” have turned their attention to Mauricio Pochettino. Maybe after PSG’s latest defeat in the Champions League, coach Pochettino will widen his way to Old Trafford. But can the Argentine strategist do better than what he is showing at PSG?

The crisis is happening at Chelsea that MU should not sit idly by. They are having the opportunity to recruit one of the best strategists in the football world at the moment, who was elected as the Coach of the Year by FIFA in 2021. Tuchel is definitely the name that must be at the top of the list of candidates to lead Man United. .

Like many other players and staff working at Stamford Bridge, the German strategist cannot know what the future of Chelsea will be. No one can give Tuchel any guarantees about Chelsea’s squad or appearance next season. Certainly no coach wants to work in that situation.

If Tuchel has the opportunity to go to a club of the size of Manchester United, he has to take it. MU can give the German captain the assurance and resources worthy of a top coach. It’s a combination that’s hard to think twice.

More than a year at Chelsea, Tuchel did too well, helping the club reach many finals, win the Champions League and re-establish the club’s position in the top 4. Tuchel is the only coach in England at the level of Guardiola and Klopp. All the big teams in the world looking for a new coach will certainly think about Tuchel’s situation.

Obviously, only big teams can attract the 48-year-old strategist. MU will regret it if they do not try to approach Tuchel. He possesses the qualities that MU needs for a coach.

Tuchel beat Guardiola in the Champions League and FA Cup, then lost to Klopp in the recent Carabao Cup final. However, how the German coach has adapted at Chelsea and helped the club make significant progress in the past year is what matters.

Tuchel proved himself brave enough to work at big clubs and manage star players. We saw how the German coach handled the case of Romelu Lukaku this season. No one can doubt that Tuchel is the boss of the Chelsea dressing room.
MU must seize the opportunity with coach Tuchel - Football

 Coach Tuchel is considered by experts to be at the same level as Guardiola and Klopp. Photo: Liverpool Echo.

MU needs a worthy coach

Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, MU has had serious problems on the coach bench. Whoever takes over “Red Devils” will need a lot of support to purify the team, stabilize the dressing room. The club needs a top-class coach to do that.

Coach Pochettino has always been highly appreciated by experts for his ability. But if one looks at the appearance of PSG in the past few years, Tuchel is the coach who has done better at the Parc des Princes than his Argentine counterpart. To be fair, it is very difficult to manage and lead PSG. Both Pochettino and Tuchel are certainly exhausted from working with the team dressing room.

Many PSG stars think they are bigger than the team. That is not an excuse for the failure of this club in the Champions League in recent seasons. However, that factor could help explain why so many good coaches have problems at PSG.

However, not many people sympathize with Pochettino at PSG. He should have done better. With PSG leading Real Madrid 2-0 on aggregate in the middle of this week, any football coach knows that replacing Neymar or Lionel Messi with a defensive player can be of great help.

If Pochettino does that, he could get into a controversy again. Last September, the inside of PSG was noisy when Messi was substituted early. When he found himself caught up in a media storm, Pochettino probably thought he made the crazy decision to replace Leo.

Pochettino will certainly be welcome at MU. He could have been in charge at Old Trafford years ago. However, the spin of modern football is harsh and Pochettino himself is no exception. Many years have passed since coach Pochettino reached his peak with Spurs. What coach Pochettino is showing at PSG can make many MU fans flutter.

He will almost win the Ligue 1 title this season. But the measure for PSG coaches is not in the domestic title. It will not be surprising if Erik ten Hag, another leading candidate for the MU coach, becomes more attractive to fans and the “Red Devils” board.

Both Ten Hag, Pochettino and Tuchel are good coaches and deserve to sit in the chair to lead MU. However, let’s not forget that Ralf Rangnick, an acquaintance of Tuchel’s, is at the helm at Old Trafford. If MU continues to retain Rangnick as an advisor next season, this team has a great advantage to convince coach Tuchel.