Mikael Silvestre: ‘Only one thing can make Roy Keane friendly at MU’

05 Mar 2022 | 13:10

 Former player Mikael Silvestre has revealed the moment when his former Manchester United team-mate was the most likeable.

The Story of Roy Keane in the World Cup

As a player, Keane had a reputation as one of the hottest players in the Premier League and never shied away from confrontation on or off the pitch. But Silvestre, who played 361 times for United between 1999 and 2008, revealed that Keane was much more friendly and likeable during the team’s yoga sessions.

We spent some time talking at the gym, but the place he was most friendly was probably where we did yoga. We went once or twice a week. I would say that ,” says Silvestre. it has extended his career.”

Roy Keane was at his nicest when he was doing YOGA - Bóng Đá

 Keane does yoga.

However, Keane himself has not very happy memories with this subject. To mark Keane’s 50th birthday, Gary Neville met his former Manchester United team-mate, went for a walk and answered 50 quick questions.

One of the questions was about yoga sessions and Keane confirmed that yoga created one of his worst memories in a United shirt: ” We were playing Real Madrid at home and I was very excited. shock.”

“I had just been doing yoga at home a few days before and I couldn’t go. I was eliminated and I remember thinking ‘I’ve finished at high-level football’.”