Mancini: ‘We don’t call back Balotelli out of desperation’

27 Jan 2022 | 10:31

 Mario Balotelli returns to the Italian team for the first time in four years, coach Roberto Mancini has just talked about making the decision.

Balotelli, 31, has not played for the national team for nearly four years. The striker currently plays for Turkey’s Adana Demirspor, scoring nine goals in 19 appearances this season. Some commentators believe that Mancini called back Balotelli out of desperation, while Ciro Immobile and Andrea Belotti are both struggling on the international stage.

However, the former Manchester City manager dismissed those doubts: Am I playing a desperate game? No. Over the next few days we will try different things and evaluate the players who have played the game. hasn’t been called up for a while, like Mario and the others.”

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 Balotelli and Mancini have worked together many times.

Balotelli has not played at the top for a long time. Mancini was once said to have had conflicts with the striker, but he always appreciated the talent of the handicapped student: “Technically, he is always good, there is no question, we just have to see. How’s his physical condition?”

“We are very curious to see him after a long time, but we have to see how things go. I think he is very happy to be here. We will see if he can help us. I’m empty handed.”