Erik Ten Hag’s 5-year plan at Man Utd

13 Apr 2022 | 14:49

 The Mirror page recently had detailed information about the 5-year plan that the Dutch captain outlined at Old Trafford.

Ten Hag’s Revolution in Ajax

First year: Shaping your style 

After years of being led by coaches with outdated methods, or by the wrong people, it can be said that Manchester United has become a mess with a mixture of different styles, no have a unified approach.

That status quo is simply unacceptable for a club trying to find success at the highest level of football again. Of course, no one expected manager Erik Ten Hag to immediately become successful and challenge the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool for major trophies, but the Dutchman at least needs to have a plan. to get there.

It involves a clear idea and establishing a fixed style of play that has been absent for so long at Man Utd. 
Manchester United board set timeline for announcing Erik ten Hag’s appointment - Bóng Đá

 Will Ten Hag make a difference? 

Second year: Identify key players

Obviously, Ten Hag will start this process in his first year, and by the second year, he will have a completely clear view of the players he wants to continue with in the future. long-term. At the moment, it is difficult for Ten Hag to assess whether the players in the first team of Man Utd are suitable for him or not.

In the immediate future, the agreements of a number of stars including Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw, Fred, David de Gea, Diogo Dalot and Nemanja Matic will all expire in 2023, and most likely the majority of the stars. This star will not continue to renew the contract. At that point, Ten Hag certainly has already established the desired playstyle, and he will know who to keep and who to let go.
Erik ten Hag highlights key assurances before taking Manchester United job - Bóng Đá

Only a few stars of the current lineup can stick with Ten Hag long-term. 

Third year: Win the title

Fans love to see their players improve and improve, but what they really crave is success, and every manager who comes to Manchester United must know about that.

If showing signs of improvement, Ten Hag could be given the first two years by the board as time to build a new foundation at Old Trafford. And entering the third year, a noble title will be really necessary, to prove that the Red Devils are really on their way back to the status of a big team.

Fourth year: ‘Sitting on the same tray’ with the big guys

It is not clear what Manchester City and Liverpool will look like in the 2025-26 season, but it is unlikely that either Pep Guardiola or coach Jurgen Klopp will continue in positions at these two clubs.
Man Utd risk missing out on Erik ten Hag as Ajax boss issues ultimatum after interview - Bóng Đá

How long will it take Ten Hag to bring Man Utd back to its former position?

In football, everything can change quickly. And whether the success of Man City, Liverpool depends on their captaincy or not, if Ten Hag is to stay at Man United for the fourth year, that’s when he needs to feel comfortable standing in the middle. ranks of the strongest teams in the Premier League.

The sluggishness over the past decade simply cannot continue to follow Man Utd in 2026, if the Dutch strategist is considered to have done his job well and continues to be in place. Otherwise, there might not be a fifth year.

Fifth year: Finding glory again 

Will Manchester United win the Premier League before 2027? It is certainly possible, and if this is a suitable choice, then Ten Hag will have to be the one to help the Reds achieve this feat.

Ten Hag’s ultimate goal is ultimately to bring Man Utd back to the ‘number one’ position in England, and at the same time recreate the image of one of the biggest forces in the European arena. And if he can stay until the 5th year, then this is also the time when Ten Hag should complete his mission. 

Huynh Phong | 19:05 April 13, 2022