Dortmund leaders fight Haaland

18 Jan 2022 | 06:05

Dortmund’s sporting director Michael Zorc was not pleased after Haaland spoke out about his future.

“The statements from Haaland have taken us by surprise. At the moment, there is no deadline given, not even discussion. What we want is to have talks at some point in time to do this. makes everything clear, easy to understand and professional”, Kicker quoted Mr. Zorc as saying.

Before that, Haaland caught the attention when he gave an interview on Viasat TV station in Norway: “For the past six months, I have not said anything out of respect for Dortmund. But now, the club has begun to push. I have to make a decision.”

“All I can say is I just want to play football. But they (Dortmund leader – PV) push me to decide now about my future. That means I have to talk soon about going or staying. “, Haaland continued.

The initiative is in the hands of Haaland. Photo: Reuters.

The initiative is in the hands of Haaland. Photo: Reuters.

Haaland’s revelation caused a stir in European media in recent days. This could be the end of the partnership between Haaland and Dortmund after this season.

Haaland’s current contract at Dortmund is valid until the end of June 2024. However, a special clause allows the Norwegian international to leave Dortmund after the 2021/22 season if the club pays 75 million euros in the release fee.

At this time, Haaland is valued at 150 million euros, only 10 million euros lower than Kylian Mbappe. The €75 million fee is only half of Haaland’s actual transfer, so many clubs are ready to spend money to recruit him this summer.

Man City, MU, PSG, Chelsea, Barca and Real Madrid are said to be clubs ready to recruit the 21-year-old striker.

Dortmund does not want to lose Haaland. The German team made efforts to open negotiations, inviting Haaland to sign a new contract to remove the 75 million euro release clause. Specifically, Dortmund is willing to let Haaland go after this season, but it is a normal transfer to optimize profits.

Haaland and his agent Mino Raiola are not ready to sign a new contract. Haaland’s priority is still joining a new club and marking the maturity of a star from next season.