Chelsea and the risk of a post-Abramovich crisis

12 Mar 2022 | 13:42

 The troubles faced by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich have had a big impact on the club.

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The British government has decided to freeze the assets of billionaire Roman Abramovich as part of an effort to limit the flow of money from Russia after the special military attack on Ukraine. The foggy authorities believe that Abramovich has close ties to the Russian government of President Vladimir Putin, so they decided to put financial sanctions on the owner of The Blues. 

In addition, they also issued sanctions targeting Chelsea club. Specifically, the commercial activities of The Blues will be locked, through which only those who have purchased season tickets can enter the field to watch matches. In addition, they are also not allowed to renew contracts with faces currently working in the team. 

The sale of players is also banned, leading to concerns about the future of the club. It is known that Chelsea needs to accelerate the process of selling the team before May 31. After this time, if there is still no new owner, the Blues will be handed over to the government and deducted 9 points on the Premier League table. 

Chelsea struggled, continued to receive more punishment - Football

Chelsea is really in trouble.  

To save the situation, billionaire Roman Abramovich asked the Raine Group – a banking organization to speed up the process of selling the club to help Chelsea quickly find a new owner. It is known that the British Government will scrutinize the process and Abramovich will not be able to receive any money from the sale of the club because all of his assets in the foggy country have been frozen. 

Therefore, it can be said that this is an unfortunate decision of the birch tycoon, but he is still forced to make it in order to open an exit for the team that he has been attached to for nearly 2 decades. . 

However, with the current situation, it can be said that the Blues’ finances will still suffer heavy losses not only during this period but also during the transfer period to the new owner. 

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The Blues are forecasted to be difficult to keep their position.  

First, the sanctions of the British Government have greatly affected the club’s revenue in recent years. Even the team’s bank accounts were frozen and they were forced to mobilize all available cash reserves to pay expenses. 

Next, Chelsea’s financial crisis can also lead to a mass flight of many important players in the team. Things were even more tragic when their pillars like Andreas Christensen, Cesar Azpilicueta or Antonio Rudiger were all prepared to leave when their contracts expired. 

In the end, it is still unclear the ability of the new owners to pour capital into the team and in the worst case, Stamford Bridge will have to go through a long time to see blockbuster signatures come in the future. transfer.