Australian newspaper: ‘Preparing to expel Djokovic’

12 Jan 2022 | 15:07

Australia is expanding its investigation into Novak Djokovic regarding the honesty of the world number one tennis player.

On January 12, Novak Djokovic shared a post to “resolve misinformation” related to attending events at the end of December 2021 after being positive for Covid-19, as well as the schedule to move left. with the travel declaration.

News AU said: “The federal government is still preparing a case to cancel Djokovic’s visa and deport him from Australia. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has said he is carefully considering whether to use the right to use the right. personal power to cancel Djokovic’s visa under section 133c of the Immigration Act”.

Djokovic is still on the field to practice on January 12. Photo: Reuters.

Djokovic is still on the field to practice on January 12. Photo: Reuters.

“Anonymous government source said allowing Djokovic to stay in the country and compete in the Australian Open would set a dangerous precedent. The government source was prepared to endure the international backlash, to maintain and protect national interests. However, the final decision has not yet been made,” News AU revealed.

Along with that, The Age said Australian Immigration officials are looking into a series of errors and discrepancies related to Djokovic’s Covid-19 test results and travel declaration.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has expanded its investigation into the tennis star, including his breach of quarantine requirements in Serbia, inaccurate statements on tourist visas and inconsistencies in the results of the review. PCR test when scanning QR code.

Djokovic admitted to attending the interview on December 18, 2021 even though he knew he was positive for Covid-19. He wears a mask and only takes it off when taking pictures. As for the travel declaration, Djokovic said it was completed by the support team and his agent. “Humans make mistakes sometimes and it’s certainly not intentional,” he said.

The Home Office is looking into this discrepancy. Last night’s penalty for providing false evidence under the Crimes Act was a five-year prison sentence.

Immigration Minister Hawke is still considering to make a decision on whether to cancel Djokovic’s visa or not. Australian media said the decision will not be made by him on January 12, because more documents arise related to Djokovic.